Phuket Old Town Lighting Masterplan

ASEAN cities are developing very fast because of economic and technological advances. But when new and modern business centres are developed, historical sites are sometimes abandoned or, worse, demolished. Continued modernisation also detaches the young population from their cultural identities. It becomes easier for them to leave home to find opportunities elsewhere. The Old Town of Phuket has been declared 'conservation of cultural heritage zone' and due to revitalisation program city council is investing in transformation it's old town with a lighting master plan so that it become warm, elegant and comfortable place to visit by night, and attract people to visit it again.
Old Phuket Town's Sino-Portuguese architecture that blends Chinese and European styles makes this a challenging task, and the master plan also has to include architectural façade and landscape lighting as well as functional road and recommendations for shop window lighting.
Creating night image of the city will boost the economy and build awareness on cultural conservation issues. Artificial light will guide people through the Phuket Old Town, distinguishing and consolidating architectural monuments. Well-designed lighting master plan will emphasise the former urban fabric respecting the original city fabric, make zonal clarity and increase safety and security of the city's residents.

Мастер-план освещения исторического центра Пхукета в рамках учебной программы WINGS университета Hochshule Wismar выполненный в коллаборации четырех светодизайнеров под названием Light Mafia:

Администрация г. Пхукет
Пхукет, Тайланд
Мастерплан освещения
Lighting Masterplan of Phuket Old Town was developed during the course of lighting design at WINGS educational program in Hochshule Wismar. It was developed by a joint project of four lighting specialists named Light Mafia.

Phuket City Council
Phuket, Thailand
Lighting Masterplan